High Performance Graphics 2013: Out-of-Core Construction of Sparse Voxel Octrees

So I guess it’s official now! Our paper on out-of-core construction of SVO’s was accepted for the High Performance Graphics 2013 conference. I’ll be presenting the paper in Anaheim, California, 19-21st of july.

Here’s a link to the project page, which contains a pre-print and some additional material (more to be added soon!).

Atlas SVO

Here’s the abstract:

Voxel-based rendering has recently received significant attention due to its potential in the context of efficiently rendering massively large and highly detailed scenes. Unfortunately, few or no scenes are available in the form of sparse voxel octrees. In this paper, we present an out-of-core algorithm for constructing a sparse voxel octree from a triangle mesh. Our algorithm allows the input triangle mesh, the output sparse voxel octree, and, most importantly, the intermediate high-resolution 3D voxel grid, to be larger than available memory. We demonstrate that our out-of-core algorithm can construct sparse voxel octrees from triangle meshes using only a fraction of the memory required by an in-core algorithm in roughly the same time, and that our out-of-core algorithm can also handle extremely large triangle meshes.



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