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Voxel Raycaster: Simply Red

After a short discussion with my promotor Philip Dutré, I rewrote some parts of the basic grid structure to be more compatible with the uninevetable introduction of an octree-based system. No shotgun surgery for me – first I planned it on paper. REAL ACTUAL PAPER. I finished this week by …


Using Vertex Buffer Objects to transfer my mesh data (vertices, normals, curvatures) directly into GPU memory using STATIC_DRAW_ARB pointers just tripled the performance of my GLSL shader implementation. Running a heavy model (+300k vertices) drawn with contours and suggestive contours at 24 fps, average.

Jaunty Intel Performance Fix (update)

A couple of weeks ago, I reported about a fix for Intel driver performance regression in Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). The fix solved the overal responsiveness of the interface (especially for composite-enabled desktops), but introduced a new problem which wasn’t visible at first: a memory leak slowly filling up swap …

Jaunty Intel Performance Fix

After upgrading from Intrepid (8.10) to Jaunty (9.04) I noticed a noticeable performance hit, in 2d and 3d applications on my Ubuntu system, running a (rather crappy) Intel 945GM mobile graphics chip. After poking around on the Ubuntu forums I found this thread. The problem seems to be the switch …