Sparse Voxel Octree Ray Casting: Texture update

After working on the Out Of Core SVO Builder for the last few months (PaperGithub), I did some hacking on my Voxel Raycaster and voxel pipeline so it now supports sampling voxel colors from textures, which allows for some nice rendering.

The details:

  • Simple C++ CPU implementation of Voxel Raycasting. Used libraries: GLUT and Trimesh2.
  • SVO’s were built using my ooc_svo_builder pipeline.
  • Voxel grid resolution: 4096*4096*4096, about 0.5 Gb for each model.

During the movie you can see me switching render modes (texture only, false color debug image showing intersections, normals only, …)

The head model was created by Infinite-Realities, more info here.

Head Render