Out Of Core SVO Builder: 1.1 release

Since the source code of our Out Of Core SVO Builder pipeline was posted on Github last month, a lot of people have reported bugs and suggested fixes. It’s being actively integrated and used in several interesting projects, of which I hope to write more later.

Thanks to all of you, time for a v1.1 release (Github), which has:

  • Build support on Linux64 through build scripts (.sh) and OSX through Cmake. Thanks nyue for the OSX work!
  • Performance optimizations when using lots of partitions
  • Coloring options for voxelized mesh (linear, normals) – check the -c switch in the manual
  • CPPCheck optimizations
  • Code cleanup and moar comments

As always:

  • Licensing info on the project page. TL;DR – Non-commercial, attribution, and be so kind to contact us if you want to do funky stuff.
  • Source code available on Github.

Here, have an angry voxel triceratops (Yes, you can see triangle faces, but the original model was pretty low-resolution.)