Out-Of-Core SVO Builder: Source and binaries available

I promised to get my source code for our HPG 2013 paper Out-of-Core Construction of Sparse Voxel Octrees out, so here it is! It’s unimaginatively titled ooc_svo_builder.

It’s not always evident and/or easy to release code made in an academic context, but since the paper is pretty clear on algorithm details, we thought it would benefit everyone to put our reference implementation out there.

  • Licensing info on the project page. TL;DR – Non-commercial, attribution, and be so kind to mail us if you want to do funky stuff.
  • Source code (VS 2012 project) available on Github.
  • Carefully written manual and Win64 binaries available on the project page as well.

Here’s the presentation I gave at HPG as a Slideshare as well, for quick reference:

Enjoy! Fork away, and don’t hesitate to contact me for discussion: [email protected]

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