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Deepfake en Artificial Intelligence

Op 12 maart 2018 was ik te gast bij De Afspraak (Canvas) om te praten over Deepfake en het genereren van fake video/audio. Het item is hier opnieuw te bekijken: (lichtjes NSFW)

It’s alive!

First rough video of my current Voxel Renderer implementation. It’s nothing too exciting, just showing that the Proof Of Concept actually works in real-time. The flyby is on the edge of the voxel field, since inside it’s just … trippy. This is a 512x512x512 field with 8 bytes per datapoint …

Game Graphics Tech Talks

Here’s some recent game graphics talks I’ve been enjoying. First one is Carmack on Quakecon 2011 – it’s a very technical talk, but very interesting on how they do texture streaming on consoles, compared to pc systems.

Thesis Video Update

An overview of the work done upto january on my thesis. My most recent work (on the GLSL implementation) is not included, this is all rendered using the CPU. The main differences with last video: Better viewport consistency by applying fading of the contour lines. (Reduces flicker effect) Optimalisation of …

Suggestive Contours video

A new implementation of regular contours got rid of the noise I had in certain models with sharp edges (Stanford Dragon). Further optimization made it possible to record this demo: Now, I’m trying to find out why the suggestive contours ‘flicker’ in nearby viewpoints.