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Testing the HD Oculus Rift @ Siggraph 2013

Following several Twitter and blog mentions, rumor had it that Oculus VR was having a booth at SIGGRAPH 2013, where they’d be showing the Oculus Rift “HD” (for lack of a better name) in private. I decided to explore the exhibition floor, and found this unlabeled, unnumbered white temp office box. …


Whilst creating some slides on Volume Rendering, I finally found an opportunity to use this graphics-flavored version of a silly internet meme. Original found  in Two uses of Voxels in LittleBigPlanet 2’s Engine from SIGGRAPH 2011, Advances in Real-Time Rendering. PDF here. I guess I did it for the lulz.

Suggestive Contours for Conveying Shape

After my first meeting about my thesis, I got the assignment to read a few papers (most of them from SIGGRAPH talks) about various topics in Non-Photorealistic Rendering. It was a good opportunity to put down the (otherwise excellent) Accelerated C++ and dive into the wonderful world of research papers. …