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'Liberty' City?

I picked up GTA4 yesterday. A bit reluctant, because I read about the horrible installation/validation process. We’re now roughly a year after its release date, and because I’m a terrible sucker for bargain bins when it comes to PC games, I’ll analyze what has been fixed and what not in …


There’s been a lot of fuzz about a recently a new service called OnLive (also see Rock, Paper, Shotgun article) which claims to be able to stream high-end videogames to subscriber’s systems, thus eliminating the need for a ‘tricked out system’ and the need to upgrade every year/month. Update: Good …


Time for a quick post about a Half-Life 2 mod which kept my attention over the last few years. It was one of the first total conversions released for the Source engine, and they recently released version 1.2 over Steam: Dystopia.

Compiling the Source SDK on Linux

Since its release in 2004 Valve’s Source engine has been a popular platform for professional and indie game developers alike. A combination of great publicity through good games (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead), functionality and solid mod support (I blogged about Steamworks earlier) has made it continue …


Interesting art/game project: Levelhead. By combining filming and motion tracking of a little white cube, you can manipulate the projected game world inside by twisting and turning. Video behind the cut.

Greetings from the low-end side of town

If there’s one thing I’ve always envied console users for, it’s the universal system compatibility. You buy a disc, pop it in, and performance (I’m ignoring TV quality here) will be the same for you and other players you encounter. Not quite so for a PC gamer. I’m sure everybody …