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New theme

I got tired of the dark, somewhat depressing look of this blog, so I’m trying out new WordPress themes. It’s always a bit of a hit-and-miss, because some themes require different tags/posts variables. I’m using Esplanada 1.0.4 (that sounds a lot more cheerful, aye?) now. I like the way how posts …

Thesis section

As you can see, this blog now contains a section completely dedicated to my thesis work. It’s recommended for students to report weekly using a personal blog. All thesis-related posts will be categorized in the category (duh) Thesis. If you don’t see these pop up weekly, you are hereby fully …


That’s it, I’ve created a Twitter account. In my defense, we had to for our course on computer interfaces. I can’t help but dig up this Penny Arcade comic: You can follow our collaborative adventures into the world of humane interface evaluation and implementing by subscribing to the … tweets. …

Moved to WordPress

In order to have more control over the appearance and functionality of my blog, and to merge it with my existing website, I moved all posts which were on to my own WP installation. Some images may be missing, I’m trying to resolve that ASAP.