Presentation: Why We Need a Dark Web

Last week, I gave a presentation on why the internet is a mess, why we need a “Dark Web”, and cleared up common misconceptions. The presentation was given at the excellent De Privacyproef event by De Juristen.

The talk was loosely based on this 2016 blogpost I made. The presentation was in Dutch, but I made the slides in English since I plan on re-using them for future events.

The presentation was livestreamed on Facebook (the irony). I grabbed my presentation from the stream. Warning: crappy sound quality, fast talking and an abundancy of hand gestures ahead. Also: Dutch.

The event got good reviews, see the Dailybits blog for example. I really enjoyed giving the presentation, and plan on doing more in the future! For more info about Tor in particular, I refer to the Tor Project Website.


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