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Applying Suggestive Contours to …

In the second semester of this year, I’ll have to apply the suggestive contours algorithm I’ve implemented in an interesting way, in order to have some experimental results upon which I can base my thesis. A report on what I found out behind the cut.

Suggestive Highlights

Some more features implemented in my thesis project: Stroke fading (soft lines + anti-aliasing) Suggestive Highlights (still some tweaking – in combination with suggestive contours they give a false “embossed” impression) Various optimizations for time-coherent contours (see this follow-up paper). The ‘flickering’ issues I had with changing viewports have been …

Suggestive Contours tests

Having finished the basic implementation of contours and suggestive contours, I’m now implementing features like fading and suggestive highlights. I thought it would also be interesting to test my current implementation (and the effect of suggestive contours themselves) on some interesting test objects.  Findings behind the cut.

Suggestive Contours video

A new implementation of regular contours got rid of the noise I had in certain models with sharp edges (Stanford Dragon). Further optimization made it possible to record this demo: Now, I’m trying to find out why the suggestive contours ‘flicker’ in nearby viewpoints.

Contours implementation

I thought it would be a nice experiment to log my progress on implementing suggestive contours for my thesis on a minute-by-minute basis. Whether this turns out to be an interesting log or a boring concatenation of my sloppy coding adventures, we’ll see. I might discover what’s eating the most …