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Why We Need a Dark(er) Web

For Securelink‘s Checkup 2017 event, I gave an updated talk about the state of internet surveillance/censorship and proposing a Dark(er) Web as a solution. It is an extended version of my previous talk on the subject. In the first part of the presentation, I pose that the internet is broken …

Opinie: People Farmers

Deze opinie verscheen op 10 mei 2017 in de papieren en digitale versie van De Morgen. PEOPLE FARMERS U las gisteren al in De Morgen over het ondertussen infameuze Britse bedrijf Cambridge Analytica: een shady bedrijfje dat gebeurtenissen zoals Brexit de verkiezing van Trump kon be├»nvloeden door illustere geldschieters en …

Game Graphics Tech Talks

Here’s some recent game graphics talks I’ve been enjoying. First one is Carmack on Quakecon 2011 – it’s a very technical talk, but very interesting on how they do texture streaming on consoles, compared to pc systems.