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Unfinished Robbery

Hoping to see them this wednesday at the Lokerse Feesten (update: I missed them, bummer !), I thought this was the right time to release a remix I’ve been wrestling with during the last months. Danny The Dog (international title: Unleashed) was a mediocre thriller by Luc Besson (Taxi, The …

Big ideas

The song nude by Radiohead performed on old hardware. Several doses of awesome. Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

Plain Talking

I will go to hell for this. Especially for the over-use of the vocoder / beatslicer. Whoops ! Most of the effects were done in Audacity with the help of the ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer. Both are freely available open-source products. Elements you might recognize: (vocals / synth) Moby – Lift …