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Greetings from Panau

Some pretty spectacular views in Just Cause 2 (a recommendation). Too bad no documentation on the cloud/sky tech is available. If only more game developers published presentations and papers about aspects of their in-house tech… (good example: Valve).


Some renders from my CG2 practicum about global illumination. A very rough implementation of Cook-Torrance BRDF (left) and Oren-Nayar BRDF (right).

PC Game DRM measures are evil

The last few months my jaw dropped to the floor so many times reading about and experiencing the new DRM systems deployed by game publishers I think it’s going to stay there forever. A couple of tales straight out of the hell a paying customer has to go through to get …


I love mashups. Ever since a producer called Danger Mouse took (in his own words) “a very white thing and a very black thing” to create the Grey Album, I’m amazed how combining two or more songs, samples or snippets can create a new experience that sheds a new light …