Days intervals in PHP

I needed a funtion that provided me with an array of all the dates between two given dates. This is quite a trivial function, but all over the net there are several implementations which are often quite bloated. By leveraging the power of strtotime it’s actually pretty easy!

function getDays($start, $end, $format) {
        // adding the first day to the interval
        $days[] = date($format, strtotime($start));
        $current = $start;
        // While the current date is less than the end date
        while (strtotime($current) < strtotime($end)) {
            $current = date($format, strtotime("+1 day", strtotime($current)));
            $days[] = $current;
        return $days;

strtotime converts pretty much any date format you throw at it to UNIX time, allows you to do arithmetic with days (hence the +1 day), where date reformats it again :)