Forged Evidence: Copy (it) right?

Interesting developments in the BREIN vs. The Pirate Bay case,  see brokep’s blogpost. It looks like they faked evidence (download PDF) in order to connect Fredrik Neij to Reservella, the company owning The Pirate Bay since a couple of years, in order to direct all the costs and fees to the three protagonists in the #spectrial. (Update: New info on brokep’s blog, documents on Wikileaks now.)

In short, simple whois information might be used to fake the credentials and the company who provided the credit report (Experian) ‘can’t find a copy’. The irony is crushing.

Running PDFInfo gives the result:

Producer:       Highwire by Corda Technologies (using iText 1.2 by
CreationDate:   Thu Jul 30 15:55:34 2009
ModDate:        Fri Aug 28 17:12:52 2009

Also, the footer difference from the two documents brokep talks about is real:


Earlier this week, Brein ordered Dutch carrier LeaseWeb to stop servicing NForce, an ISP which transits packages to The Pirate Bay. Read that again:

“The Pirate Bay is hosted on a different autonomous system (AS). LeaseWeb is not the host, and our client [NForce] is not hosting The Pirate Bay either. We are only the IP Transit supplier, or carrier of Internet traffic for a company that uses our carrier services,”

That’s right. In the Netherlands, the juridical position of ISP’s (= package couriers) wasn’t debated in a courtroom. An independent organisation can slap them with a threat and order them to shut down immediately.

I hope this accusations generate the proverbial shitstorm they deserve, whether or not they turn out to be right.

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