Spectrial, day 10

The Pirate BayNo updates from me today, it’s a pretty hectic week. I happily refer to Torrentfreak, which has excellent coverage of today’s Spectrial. The verdict falls on april 17. Excellent summary of the last day here.

In my personal opinion, the big problems in this Spectrial are:

Prosecution has no grasp on the technology used,  so it failed to tie the individuals to the charges with evidence. Making a fool out of themselves for the IT crowd, but I’m not too sure on how the jury will conclude about this lack of depth. It was shown time after time by the defendants that understanding Bittorrent and trackers was essential, so I think they got the point.

  • Trial (most certainly starting from day 5) started venturing into a trial about politics and general ethics. This should not influence the judgement.  Especially the Wallis testimony was a highlight on how the prosecution tried to pin generalisations on a witness.
  • Prosecution failed to understand the anarchic way in which The Pirate Bay operates, and thus doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to press the charges in detail on the individuals on trial.  The dropping of half of the charges is a fiasco for them.
  • The only real failure for the defendants was the Carl Lundström hearing in the first days. He got tangled up in questions about the advertising deals on The Pirate Bay, which was a bad way to end the day. Don’t know how much the Personalia influenced the trial, since they were not public.