Spectrial, day 8

peter_perDue to a very busy day I didn’t have the time to fully cover today’s episode of the #Spectrial. For excellent coverage of the events, I happily refer to Torrentfreak.

Just some side remarks and thoughts on today’s events behind the cut. I’ll get back to you tomorrow! :)

A lot of industry representatives came up as witnesses, but it strikes me that in a trial that revolves around 4 individuals, none of them has enough technical knowledge or physical evidence to link the problem they are complaining about to these individuals.

  • It’s often very striking how old-fashioned some of these CEO’s are thinking. John Kennedy, head of IFPI,  made the following statements:
    • Legal downloads have no effect on sales figures for music (someone clearly missed out on Itunes)
    • P2P downloads does not provide promotion for live performance.
    • Google and The Pirate Bay cannot be compared, because Google takes measures against piracy. If they wouldn’t do that, he would sue them too.
    • He only understands Bittorrent ‘in very vague terms’. It is an essential fact that actual transfer of copyrighted material happens between peers (end users). It is starting to get a catchprase, but here it is again: not a single bit of copyrighted material ever passes TPB servers – website nor tracker.
  • A lot of live twittering from brokep (Peter Sunde) today: