spectrialToday, the trial against torrent-site ThePirateBay started in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s very interesting to see how they manage to globalize this trial. A Pirate Bay Bus is standing outside the courthouse with people (video)blogging. Twitter feeds (tag: #spectrial, that’s spectacle and trial) from in and outside the court get translated live. Looks like it was the right time for me to get on twitter ;)

Some very nice thoughts behind this social experiment from the official press release behind the cut

Very nice metaphor:

Our adversaries basicly want to close down the internet as we know it and remodel it into something similar of a vending machine serving entertainment

The widespread, user-driven coverage as a purpose:

Rather the trial is a hub around which a whole new network of actors is instigated. Neither is the spectacle a question of old media against digital, social medias. […]

It’s not about the protocols nor the technology. It’s about using these to create new congregations, where anyone is invited and anyone can find their role, build new scenes and make their own performances.

And a great closing statement

The future is built by us. Us who participate in conversations. The future is built by us who explore how information and performativity is coming together. To refuse a debate and still expect to be able to charge customers is since long a closed door.

Blog and Twitter about this. There’s a lot more at stake than some pirated data.