Steamworks went live today. I’ve requested my API key, have you ?

On a lighter note, here are some interesting articles I’ve stumbled upon during the last few weeks. Cracked compiled a list of 7 commandments all video games should obey. (#3 is my favorite). Another – more serious – article was posted on Eurogamer by Rob Fahey, concerning the interactivity and freedom users get from the latest closed console systems. It really is an interesting viewpoint on how the gaming industry should evolve.

User-created content on the Internet, everything from YouTube to Flickr, from blogs to MySpace, from Flash games to MP3 mash-ups, is absorbing more and more time from the generation videogaming would like to have called its own. If this industry is going to sit back en masse and act as though encouraging a select few to put shareware-style games on consoles is enough of a response to this revolution, then gaming risks taking a serious blow – knocked off its perch, ironically, because the most interactive medium of all refused to let its audience interact.