Never leave the chair

In my never-ending quest to make life even lazier than it is, I decided to fiddle around a bit with my Bluetooth-enabled phone. I have a Nokia 6600, which only downside I’ve found so far is it’s clunky size and weight. Then again, the weight has its upsides too. Within a 10-yard radius, I’m deadly with this phone.

Back to the Bluetooth-goodness then. Although it was hyped up by the telecom sector around the year 2000, it’s most common use field today is still in the business section. You’ve seen them, those fancy headsets. Have a look at the advert on the left. It’s hard to neglect the pure joy of wearing a headset, even when you’re a businesswoman with curly hair. Most people have Bluetooth-enabled phones nowadays, but don’t realize the tremendous fun and excitement it brings.

For instance, I was at a concert once, and a guy in front of me was trying to capture the whole experience using his cell phone. I fail to see how much joy he would have afterwards when watching the blurry VGA 30-second clip, bundled with the sound equivalent of farts in a box, but hey, who am I to judge. He was, however, blocking my view with the desperate cell-phone waving.

So I flipped out my mobile, scanned for Bluetooth devices, and found his gadget. When I sent him the Bluetooth connection invitation, the video recording application on his phone quit. He spent the next 10 minutes figuring out what the hell happened, and I was the concert hero. Well, not exactly, at least I could see the stage again.

Today, I managed to control my Linux music player using my cell phone. Using Remuco, an open-source server/client(java) bundle, I’m now capable of switching tracks, changing the volume and rating tracks, all without leaving the chair.

And that, my friends, is holy.

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