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Buying Uranium off Amazon

Testing a geiger counter? Elaborate practical joke? A throw at super powers? For about $30, get your own bucket of Uranium Ore off Amazon. Make sure to have a look at the downright hilarious customer reviews: I got this for the kids and they have a great time throwing it …

Installing a DVB-T stick : a comparison

I recently bought a Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Stick Solo 72e (bonus points for Pinnacle’s over-the-top naming scheme), because the public TV services in Belgium switched to digital broadcasting. It was the €40 pricetag which turned me. The box contains the USB 2.0 stick and an antenna. I advise on attaching …


Interesting art/game project: Levelhead. By combining filming and motion tracking of a little white cube, you can manipulate the projected game world inside by twisting and turning. Video behind the cut.