The Biggest Narcist in the World

Today I read about Erik Nordenankar, who did a pretty cool thing: he developed a GPS transmitter with elongated battery life, put it in a shock-proof closed case, printed out very detailed instructions (places and coordinates) and handed the lot to the world-wide delivery company DHL.

By using the acquired data from the transmitter he could set out a trace of the case’s journey afterwards. To say it in his own words, he used the briefcase as a pen, and our planet as a canvas. The result is amazingly detailed, although it’s a bit pretentious to throw bags of (sponsored) dollars around to paint the biggest self-portrait ever made.

All info and some nice videos can be found on the website:

I would have gone for a crudely drawn fallus (testicles left and right of the african continent, shaft crossing the meditteranean sea, ending in the Scandinavian area). Just to see the looks on the sponsor’s faces.