Thesis overview

In the academic year 2009-2010, I did my Master’s thesis. My promotor was Prof. Dr. Ir. Ph. Dutré of the Computer Graphics group at the Computer Sciences department of the Catholic University of Leuven. My day-to-day progress was monitored by Dr. B. J. Brown and Ir. R. Schoukens.

Contour line extraction and rendering for interactive 3D applications focuses on different methods (Object Space and Image Space) to compute and render contour lines and suggestive contour lines, starting from a regular 3D mesh. Rendering line drawings of complex models at interactive rates is the main goal.

Thesis Text

  • Download the thesis text (PDF, 10.9 Mb) here. The main text body is in dutch, but Appendix A contains an English article summarizing my work.
  • Read all posts concerning my thesis here.


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