The city had nothing to lose

I’d like to share some of my favorite free (and legal) music I found on the web.

Nathan Wiley is a pop/folk musician and singer from the great Canada, which over the past five years has released 3 albums on an indie label.

His most recent album was released last year and has received numerous of Canadian awards already.

Some of his tracks are free for download at his website. Recommendations are the title track The City Destroyed Me and a great song from his first album, Renegade.

I discovered Isabelle Antena through a Thievery Corporation remix release (Versions, 2006), on which her song Nothing to Lose got the standard thievery touch: dubbed up with a great vocal mixdown. The tracks which are available at her website vary from pop to lounge, in French and English. Recommendations are Les Poissons des Mers du Sud and Melodie.

On a lighter note, my lengthy previous post seems to have hit the right buttons at Epic.