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Spectrial: the sequel

Whereas the first part of the Spectrial – the case against the Swedish-born torrent site/tracker The Pirate Bay – was covered extensively in journals and reports worldwide (on this very blog, for example), the appeals case which starts today has only received minimal attention. In april 2009, the four defendants …


Forged Evidence: Copy (it) right?

Interesting developments in the BREIN vs. The Pirate Bay case,  see brokep’s blogpost. It looks like they faked evidence (download PDF) in order to connect Fredrik Neij to Reservella, the company owning The Pirate Bay since a couple of years, in order to direct all the costs and fees to …


The Pirate Bay Pingpong

Yesterday, The Pirate Bay ‘s ISP uplink was taken offline by the Swedish authorities due to the pending (!) trial against the original founders. Related services like Openbittorrent, which was hosted on the same fiber, went down too. The court order can be found on the website of Piratpartiet here …


It sure looks like the trial on The Pirate Bay will have to be redone. While the verdict still isn’t final until the appeals have either been accepted or rejected, copyright lobbies are using it as pressure material to shut down smaller trackers and filesharing communities in Sweden and elsewhere. …

Swedish Justice

If the judge was involved in three major copyright organisations, with members including several of the prosecutors, how unbiased can his judgement be? Hit the image for fail-graph. (see Torrentfreak for more details) And more importantly, why didn’t this news break earlier … Peter Sunde’s lawyer has already appealed for …


“Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century.” Mark Getty, chairman of Getty Images, one of the world’s largest Intellectual Proprietors.

The Pirate Fray

At 11 AM this morning, the Swedish court declared the verdict in the The Pirate Bay trial: all four defendants found guilty, a hefty fine ($3,620,000) and one year jail time for each of them. After following the trial closely for 2 weeks on this blog, I can only conclude …


Spectrial, day 10

No updates from me today, it’s a pretty hectic week. I happily refer to Torrentfreak, which has excellent coverage of today’s Spectrial. The verdict falls on april 17. Excellent summary of the last day here. In my personal opinion, the big problems in this Spectrial are: