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Opinie: Telenet, Big Brother uit Mechelen

Op 13 september 2016 werd ik via e-mail op de hoogte gebracht van aanpassingen aan het privacybeleid van Telenet. Dat mijn “Telenet-ervaring” (want àlles is een ervaring tegenwoordig, niet gewoon een product waarvoor ik centen neertel) zou worden “gepersonaliseerd”. Extraatjes? Een “persoonlijke” aanpak? My my, wat ben ik een bofkont! …


Spectrial: the sequel

Whereas the first part of the Spectrial – the case against the Swedish-born torrent site/tracker The Pirate Bay – was covered extensively in journals and reports worldwide (on this very blog, for example), the appeals case which starts today has only received minimal attention. In april 2009, the four defendants …

China's 'open' internet

In response to Google’s blogpost concerning several attacks which were targeted at human rights activists GMail accounts during december, supposedly by the Chinese government, Chinese officials have this response (Jiang Yu, Chinese Foreight Ministry spokeswoman): China’s internet is open and the Chinese government encourages development of the internet. No it …


Forged Evidence: Copy (it) right?

Interesting developments in the BREIN vs. The Pirate Bay case,  see brokep’s blogpost. It looks like they faked evidence (download PDF) in order to connect Fredrik Neij to Reservella, the company owning The Pirate Bay since a couple of years, in order to direct all the costs and fees to …

Asking Europe for an Open Internet

Sign this petition, it’s vital. France recently accepted a 3-strikes law for internet users, and the UK is about to implement a (washed-down, but still) version of it. This is unacceptable! 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual. Internet users are entitled to access, send and receive the …


Spectrial, day 8

Due to a very busy day I didn’t have the time to fully cover today’s episode of the #Spectrial. For excellent coverage of the events, I happily refer to Torrentfreak. Just some side remarks and thoughts on today’s events behind the cut. I’ll get back to you tomorrow! :)


Spectrial, day 7

The trial against the Pirate Bay kicked off again (see brokep’s Twitter) at 13:00 today. You can find a convenient schedule of the hearings coming up at QbatHQ. The next three days will consist of so called witness hearings (am I the only one thinking witness sounds a bit off …


Spectrial, day 5

Today Peter Sunde (brokep) and Carl Lundström were questioned by the prosecutors. In summary, Peter Sunde did a really good job at choosing what and what not to answer. It’s appalling to see how many questions were unrelated to the (remaining) charges in the trial, and how many of these …


Spectrial, day 4

Of all days in the The Pirate Bay trial, this one was the most difficult to cover. Several of the prosecutors got to talk to TiAMO (Fredrik Neij) and Anakata (Gottfrid Svartholm Warg). A lot of questions and responses were out there, the Twitter feeds translated them live at a …