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Android Flash File XML

Flashing system images on Moto X Play

Another Android phone, a new roundabout way of getting control over it. I purchased a Moto X Play last year (review: great battery capacity, good performance, huge phone though), and recently found myself in the situation where I had to manually flash a stock firmware image. This is the first non-Nexus …


Unlocking / Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Update: This guide was updated August 2013 to reflect some minor changes since Jelly Bean. Update #2: This guide was updated November 2013 to clear up confusion with the international build names. Thanks commenters! After my HTC Wildfire and Motorola Atrix, I’m now on my 3rd Android phone in 3 years: …


Unlocking / Rooting the Motorola Atrix 4G

Yesterday my new phone arrived: a Motorola Atrix 4G, which should be a real upgrade from my trusty old HTC Wildfire. I bought it for €239 in an iBood sale. Advantages were the big screen, dual-core processor and 4G support. A possible contra was the doubt that any official Ice …