Event ticket sale system

2010-2011Preparee Ticket Sale

A CakePHP web application to manage event reservations and event sales.

PmWiki Cookbook Scripts

2009Pmwiki website

Several cookbook scripts for the PmWiki wiki distribution: ShoutboxAlternative. I also developed a calendar solution for PmWiki, using standard wiki syntax, using the built-in wiki pagelist functionality. Instructions and commentary in this blogpost.

Preparee website and community backend

Summer 2008 link

Website using Drupal for my improvisational theatre group. A custom Drupal 6 theme design was made. The community backend was implemented using a heavily modified version of PmWiki, in order to support various CMS-like features, but still retain the power of a wiki system.

Work for Zeropoint.it

Summer 2007/2009company website

Managing small to medium-sized software projects, including websites and stand-alone applications. I’m not allowed to mention the projects I worked on, but my references can be obtained by contacting Zeropoint.