Capita Selecta: Structure from Motion (SFM) project

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For a freeform course on multimedia and human-machine interaction, led by P. Dutré and E. Duval, we worked out a project which was based around a Structure from Motion technique. We rebuilt the processing pipeline described in this paper using several (open source) tools (Bundler, SFM, PMVS, …).

We used the technique to reconstruct colored point clouds and (in a later phase) 3d meshes from photographs we took of human heads. This is a passive technique: no grid was projected or no keypoints were attached to the objects. You can find the results of our work in several blogposts.

Music Visualisation App: PartyVis

2009link to project blog

During our Multimedia course, we had to create and implement a music visualisation tool on 4 different platforms (Flex, Android, iPhone and a multi-touch table). Our team created a party-oriented application. Using the Last.FM data of every person at the party, the idealplaylist is generated, and the links between users are visualised using a forced direction spring graph. This graph can be manipulated in order to get insight in the current playlist and configure it (e.g: to include similar artists, new artist, …).

The ‘new’ approach in this application was not to simply link similar artists together, but linking artists through users. The Flex application runs in a browser, the Android app runs standalone on an Android phone, whilst the iPhone app and multi-touch app require setting up a local app server. All of the provided software is very rough, but with basic functionality. Demo video of Android app here.

Java Software-mode Rasterizer

2008link (download)

A 3d software Rasterizer from scratch. Diffuse/Phong shading, multiple light sources, anti-aliasing and perlin noise bump mapping (hanks to an excellent Nvidia paper). Reads scenes from a custom formatted .SDL file. Consult the source files for more documentation. Sample scenes and rendering setups included. Developed and tested on Java 6 r14.

More screenshots in this blogpost, and this one.

Facebook App: Neverending Story

2009Facebook page

For our course on User Interfaces, we had to design and implement a Facebook application, and perform usability tests on the interface. We developed a ‘Neverending Story’ app, which allows users to write stories with their friends, one line at a time.

Because of the one-line limit, this results in crazy stories. The app is still in fairly frequent use on Facebook.

FiMiX Web Mashup

2006 – client/ server(download)

The assignment was to make a mashup of different web services. We combined Google Maps, Flickr, local RSS feeds and the timetables of the public transport services in a game called FiMiX (Find Mister X), which is based on the popular board game Scotland Yard, in which a couple of detectives must travel around a real city map to hunt down a criminal, which can make use of public transport.

The game was demonstrated during a day, and we welcomed a lot of players :)