In january 2012, I started my PhD research in the Computer Graphics group of the Computer Sciences department of the University of Leuven, with a grant from the IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology) fund. My promotor is Prof. Dr. Ir. Philip Dutré, and I share an office with Dr. Ares Lagae.

My research is focused on efficient rendering of large data sets using a hierarchical voxel structure, effectively putting the discretisation we’re so used to in the 2D space to a 3D perspective. This involves efficient data streaming and filtering.

Info / Results

  • My CS department web page with publications is located here:
  • Up-to-date info  concerning my research can be found in the PhD Category of blog posts – these will always contain the latest developments.
  • All of my C++ code can be browsed on WebSVN, with SVN commit statistics here.